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On 7th July 2019, 7nm process "3rd generation Ryzen" was released: What day is it today? -Engadget Japan version

AMD hasn't stopped momentum since the advent of Ryzen, but what has been introduced to make it even more convoluted is the "3rd generation Ryzen," which uses Zen 2 as its microarchitecture.

The CPU that achieves this power saving and higher performance was released in 2019.

Although the Ryzen series has achieved a great improvement in performance with multiple cores, it has the weak point that it has a lower IPC [number of instruction executions per clock] than Intel. For this reason, Intel has been said to be advantageous for applications such as games where the benefits of multithreading are small.

However, this third-generation Ryzen has adopted a new microarchitecture, the "Zen 2," to overcome this weakness. The IPC is improved by more than 15%, the performance has been raised, and Ryzen has been further strengthened.

Five models such as the "Ryzen 9 3900X" were released on this day, and the top-level "Ryzen 9 3950X" was released in November.

By the way, today, which is the 1st anniversary, the Ryzen 3000 XT series, a refresh model with improved maximum operating clock, will be released.

Main event on July 7

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2013, UEI own tablet"Enchant MOON"Released
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2017,Huawei releases "MateBook X"
2017,Docomo au SoftBank releases “AQUOS R”
2019,AMD releases “3rd generation Ryzen” with 7 nm process


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