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On April 19, 1999, the dochmo terminal "SH811" that can use both mova and PHS was released: What day is it today? -Engadget Japan version

todayThe SH811 is a mobile phone that was able to use both the PDC mova and PHS lines with a single device.

This Dotchimo terminal was released today in 1999. The PHS service, which started in 1995, has become popular due to its high sound quality and low usage fee, but it is difficult to cover a wide area due to the small output of the base station, and the cost of mobile phones has decreased. I was pushed by the telephone service.

In 1998, NTT Personal, which provided PHS, was taken over by NTT Docomo, and the NTT mobile communication service became one. The new SH811 was a Doccimo terminal.


Basically, the area of ​​the mobile phone was wider, but at that time it was difficult to receive the radio waves of the mobile phone in the basement and in the building, and there were not a few scenes where the PHS was advantageous, so with one device it was mova Being able to call and stand by using either of the PHS numbers may have been very convenient for some purposes.

Main event on April 19

In 1999, DoCoMo became a Dotchimo terminal"SH811"Released
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