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On August 27, 2011, the "Xperia ray" (SO-03C) was released, which is small and lightweight, weighing approximately 100g at 3.3 inches: What day is it today? -Engadget Japan version

Smartphones are now only large models, but before that there was a fairly compact model. One of them is "Xperia ray" [SO-03C] released by DoCoMo.

This 3.3-inch LCD-equipped model was released today in 2011.

In 2011, there were still many 3-inch terminals, so it's not that rare. However, with the colorful color development equipped with a mobile BRAVIA engine, the back-illuminated CMOS sensor "Exmor R for mobile" [8.1 million pixels], and the Japanese input POBox Touch, it is firmly made like Xperia even if it is small. It was attractive.

Specifications include MSM8255, 512MB memory, 1GB storage for SoC. It doesn't have 1Seg or wallet, so it might be subtle for those who like entering all. Personally, the fact that there was no 1Seg was rather great.

Main event on August 27

In 2004, Matsushita Electric Industrial"LUMIX DMC-FZ20"Released
2010,Toshiba releases "dynabook AZ"
2011,Docomo Releases "Xperia ray" [SO-03C]
2012, "Yahoo! Music" end of service
In 2013, Square Enix"Final Fantasy XIV: The New Eorzea"Official service started


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