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On December 10, 2005, Microsoft's Xbox 360 console was released: What day is it today? -Engadget Japanese version

The Xbox used a Pentium III-based CPU and an NVIDIA-based GPU, but the Xbox 360 has been significantly changed to an IBM PowerPC CPU and an ATI-based GPU.

The built-in optical drive is a DVD. I don't know if it was against PS3's built-in BD, but in the following year in November 2006, "Xbox 360 HD DVD" appeared as an external drive. HD DVD player works and high-quality video playback is now possible.

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<p>When you choose HD DVD instead of the same BD as PS3, you can feel the foundation behind the industry. Although,<a href=Unfortunately, HD DVD disappeared due to Toshiba HD DVD withdrawal announcement in 2008But…….

In terms of peripheral equipment, “Kinect” had a great impact. This is a composite sensor that can recognize human movements without using markers, such as RGB cameras, depth sensors, and multi-array microphones. As a result, games that can be played with gestures using the body were born.

What's interesting is that Kinect was hacked early and people using PCs came out. In addition to banning this trend, Microsoft has released a PC SDK at a later date and has released a PC version of Kinect.

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<p>Unlike Xbox being replaced in about four years, Xbox 360 became a long-lived platform, with improved versions such as small models being released, and remained active until Xbox One appeared in 2014.</p>
<h2>Major events on December 10</h2>
<p>Year 2005,<a href=Microsoft releases "Xbox 360" in Japan
2009,Toshiba releases “CELL REGZA 55X1”
2010Sharp releases “GALAPAGOS”
2010Sony releases two Japanese models of "Leader"
2011,Sony releases “NW-Z1000” series
2015Enforcement of the revised Aviation Law with added drone flight rules
2016,ASUS releases “ZenWatch 3” (WI503Q)

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