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On December 12, 2014, "VoLTE" service that enabled simultaneous use of calls and communications on au was launched: what day is today? -Engadget Japanese version

VoLTE itself was started by DOCOMO first in June 2014, but au was started following this. By the way, SoftBank is from December 19th.

The biggest attraction of supporting VoLTE is that it is now possible to make calls and communications compatible. In the conventional method, when there is an incoming / outgoing call, it switches to 3G, but with au 3G, data communication stops during a call, so there was dissatisfaction that if there is an incoming call even during a video conference by data communication, it was interrupted. Since VoLTE does not switch to 3G, these problems are eliminated.

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<p>Au has also introduced two services, “Sync Call” and “Voice Party”, in line with the launch of VoLTE. The former can display a smartphone screen or camera video to the other party, display each other's position on a map, or share a handwritten screen. The latter means that you can talk with up to 30 people simultaneously.</p>
<p>To use VoLTE, a compatible terminal is required.<a href="Isai VL LGV31"When"URBANO V01"Two terminals were released.

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<h2>Major events on December 12</h2>
<p>In 2000, JVC<a href="InterLink MP-C303"Released
In 2004, Sony"PlayStation Portable"Released
2014,Nippon Acer Releases “Iconia Tab 8 W”
2014,au starts VoLTE service
2014,Kaga High-Tech launches "Lytro ILLUM" in Japan
2018,Amazon releases "Fire TV Stick 4K"

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