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On December 16, 2016, a low-priced fitness watch “HUAWEI FIT” that can measure heart rate was released: What day is it today? -Engadget Japanese version

Not only can you measure your steps and heart rate, but it is also convenient to have a coaching function. It is useful for setting plans according to goals, effective training with awareness of exercise intensity, and preventing overtraining. Other than this, there is a sleep monitoring function.

It is difficult to check the numerical value during exercise if it is a small screen, but it is a merit that it is easy to check even with a flicker because it is a large screen of 1.04 inches.

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<p>The main unit is equipped with IP68 dustproof and waterproof functions. You don't have to remove it when you swim in the pool or take a shower.</p>
<p>It supports incoming calls and notifications on smartphones, but there are no smartwatch features such as adding apps. It's not a substitute, but I'm glad that the battery life is longer, up to 6 days.</p>
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Major events on December 16

In 2005, au is the world's first one-segment mobile phone"W33SA"Released
2009,EMI releases "The Beatles Stereo USB" in Japan
2014,LINE launches payment service "LINE Pay"
2014,Softbank pre-sells BLE MIDI keyboard "Miselu C.24"
2016,Huawei releases “HUAWEI Mate 9”
2016,Huawei releases “HUAWEI FIT”

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