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On December 17, 1988, “FINAL FANTASY II”, which incorporates a proficiency system, was released: What day is it today? -Engadget Japanese version

By abolishing the previous growth system based on experience and introducing a skill level system, it is characterized by the ability to develop individual characters that are different from level-up. There are many people who have memories of taking this in the other hand and attacking their allies to train their characters.

I often have parties with 3 main characters and guest guests who participate in the scenario, but this guest space showed me a hot development. Personally, Minu is the most memorable.

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<p>It is also from this work that the number of vehicles has increased and Chocobo has appeared. There are limited places where you can ride, but you can move twice as fast as you walk, and you won't encounter monsters while riding.</p>
<p>There are many transplants and remakes to other models, but the first to be released other than NES was the 2001 Wonders One Color version. It is ported to mobile phones such as i-αppli, EZ app, S!</p>
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Major events on December 17

In 1988, Square"Final Fantasy II"Released
2003"SoftEther 1.0"Release
2011,SCE releases "PlayStation Vita"
2014,DMM launches MVNO service “DMM mobile”
2015KADOKAWA releases RPG production tool "RPG Maker MV"

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