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On December 18, 2015, a detachable PC “dynaPad N72 / TG” that pursues ease of use like paper was released: What day is it today? -Engadget Japanese version

The tablet part is 6.9mm thin and light weight of 579g. Since it was equipped with a large 12-inch (1920 x 1080 dots) LCD, it felt light enough to surprise me.

The keyboard is not a solid type, but a dock type that feels like it leans against a slit. There is a product that the keyboard dock is heavy in order to balance when wearing it, but dynaPad N72 / TG ​​is also light in this dock, and there was only about 999 g in total with the tablet body.

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<p>The most important thing was the pen writing. If you can improve the details, such as thinning the pen tip to 1mm to write details, using a direct bonding liquid crystal that suppresses the displacement of the pen tip position, handling 2048 levels of pen pressure, and surface treatment with moderate friction There is not so much.</p>
<p>In addition to this, the original “Tru series” software that is convenient to use a pen is also installed. In particular, the handwritten note “TruNote” was quite convenient because it allowed to search for handwritten characters and symbols. In addition, there was a voice recorder “TruRecorder” that automatically identifies speakers.</p>
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Unfortunately, the CPU performance was Atom x5-Z8300, the memory was 4GB, and the storage was 128GB. Although it was inevitable if emphasis was placed on thinness and lightness, the tablet, keyboard dock, and pen were all highly productive, so it was a wasteful product.

Major events on December 18

In 1987, Square"Final Fantasy"Released
2009,Ricoh releases unit-changeable camera "GXR"
year 2012,Amazon launches 7-inch "Kindle Fire HD"
2014,KDDI Value Enabler launches “UQ mobile”
2015Toshiba starts selling dynaPad N72 / TG ​​over-the-counter

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