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On February 22, 2014, "PlayStation 4", which was ahead of the rest of the world, was also released in Japan: what day is it today? -Engadget Japan Version

todayThe PlayStation 4 was released in North America in November of the previous year, but has been released in Japan for about three months.

This stationary game console was released today in 2014. Unlike the PS3, which had its own processor, a processor that uses a custom AMD CPU / GPU is adopted. There is no compatibility with PS3, but there is an advantage that software development becomes easier.

The official view is that the release time is later than overseas, in order to enhance domestic content. In fact, thanks to this, more than 10 launch titles in packages and more than just download-only titles have appeared.

Of course, staggering the release time in a large market is also advantageous in that it makes it easier to control supply. In North America, which was released earlier, it will exceed 1 million units in 24 hours, and it will be a shortage of goods if the time is near.


Those who want to play with the new game machine early may feel frustrated, but there are events that can be experienced by people who are interested, such as a pre-release trial called “ Try! PlayStation 4! '' was.

PS5 scheduled to be released later this yearWhat will happen? I want to pay attention.

Main events on February 22

In 1999, DoCoMo"I-mode"Start service
In 2002, Microsoft launched the Xbox home video game console
2014,Sony launches PlayStation 4 in Japan
2018,Panasonic releases “DC-GF10W / DC-GF90W”


TechCrunch Tokyo 2019 will be held on November 14 and 15


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