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On February 23, 2001, the "LK-RF240UZ" super disk drive that supports 32MB FD writing was released: what day is it today? -Engadget Japan Version

todayThe 120 MB super disk (LS-120) is one of the next generation floppy disks. The "LK-RF240UZ" has emerged as a drive compatible with Super Disks, whose capacity has been increased to 240MB.

This super disk drive was released today in 2001. Super disk drives are inferior to MOs and CDs in terms of capacity, but have the advantage of being able to read and write ordinary floppy disks. The "LK-RF240UZ" was unique in that it not only doubled the capacity of the superdisk itself to 240MB, but also supported the "FD32MB", which allows 32MB of data to be written to a 2HD floppy disk.

This is realized by a method in which recording is performed while the tracks are shifted slightly, and a method in which the number of sectors is increased toward the outer periphery to increase the recording density. Therefore, no matter how much 32MB can be recorded, it cannot be rewritten. In that sense, usability is close to CD-R.

There is no versatility because reading requires a compatible super disk drive, but it was interesting to be able to reuse the floppy disk at hand.

By the way, "LK-RF240UZ-K", whose body color has changed from white to black, has been released at a later date. And this LK-RF240UZ-K became the last super disk drive.


Main events on February 23

In 1999, IBM installed Palm OS"WorkPad"Released
In 2001, Matsushita Electric Industrial and Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics"LK-RF240UZ"Released
In 2005, Apple became the second generation"IPod mini"Released
In 2007, TurboLinux launched "wizpy" that can start Linux
2018, docomo is a waterproof tablet"Dtab d-01K"Released
2018,LG launches “LG gram” (2018 model)

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