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On January 12, 2018, the "Raspberry Pi Zero WH" version of the small Raspberry Pi with a pin header was announced: What is today? -Engadget Japan Version

Featured as a $ 5 minicomputer"Raspberry Pi Zero"Appeared in November 2015. Added wireless functions such as WiFi and Bluetooth to this"Raspberry Pi Zero W"Although announced in February 2017, it was popular, but it was difficult to obtain because of the limited number of purchases.

It was today in 2018 that the Raspberry Pi Zero WH, which added a pin header to the Raspberry Pi Zero W, was announced. This is an unlimited number of purchases and was welcomed by those who want more than one small Raspberry Pi.todayIt is a product that you do not care about unless you are interested in IoT and electronic work, but in fact it is used for a product that has received a lot of attention. that is,“ PasocomMini PC-8001 ''. As you can see from the name, it is a mini personal computer that was downsized and reprinted PC-8001.


Even though it is a reprint, the inside is a completely different thing, and the computer uses the Raspberry Pi Zero WH and emulates the PC-8001 on it.

Unfortunately, the keys cannot be pressed, but the appearance is detailed and the reproducibility is quite good. From the back, you can see that the interface uses the Raspberry Pi Zero WH as it is.

Naturally, when disassembled, the Raspberry Pi Zero WH is sitting inside. I don't think it would have been better to use the Raspberry Pi Zero W because the pin header was not used, but is it a matter of availability?


By the way, PasocomMini PC-8001 was initially not for sale, it was treated like a PC purchase privilege made by NEC PC,After that, general sales started. Of course, you can still buy it.

Major events on January 12

2012, SD Association is an intelligent SDIO standard"ISDIO"Announce
2013,ASUS releases smartphone “ PadFone 2 '' which turns into a tablet
2016,au announces “Qua phone”, “Qua tab 02”, etc.
2017,Sanwa Supply launches Bluetooth earphone "400-BTSH004"
In 2018, the Raspberry Pi Foundation"Raspberry Pi Zero WH"Announce


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