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On January 6, 2011, the Mac application download service "Mac App Store" was launched: what day is it today? -Engadget Japan Version

Like the iPhone, the Mac App Store has emerged as a service for distributing applications for the Mac.

The service was launched today in 2011.todayThe Mac App Store is screened by Apple, which eliminates malicious, tampered with, and malware-infected items, giving you the benefit of having a safer app for your users.

As a developer of the app, it was time-consuming, it was difficult to develop unique services such as subscriptions, and there were disadvantages such as Apple taking a part of the sales, especially large companies did not use it.

But last JanuaryMicrosoft's Office 365, In JuneAdobe LightroomThe availability of major Mac App Stores has suddenly increased since this time. Does that mean that Mac App Store users are increasing?


Recently, the focus has been on apps published outside the Mac App Store,Gatekeeper will be blocked for security protectionThat is.

This block is already standard in Catalina, but requirements have been relaxed as a transition period until January this year.This relaxation period will end after February 3Many apps are likely to migrate to the Mac App Store.


Major events on January 6

2009,Apple makes DRM-free all iTunes Store songs
2009,Yamada Electric and Kujuku Electric Agree on Business Transfer
2011,Apple launches Mac App Store service
2017,Intel announces card type PC “ Compute Card ''
2017,Capcom Releases Six Rockman Mobile Movies


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