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On July 14, 2012, "PANTONE 5" (107SH) with radiation measurement function was released: What day is today? -Engadget Japan version

"PANTONE 5" [107SH] is the first smartphone in the PANTONE series that offers a wide variety of colors. Not only the body color, but also the world's first radiation measurement function was also noticed.

This Android smartphone was launched today in 2012.

Specifications include 3.7-inch liquid crystal [854 x 480 dots], 1GB memory, 4GB storage, approximately 4.9 million pixel camera. Its compact size and rounded shape make it easy to use even with one hand. There were a total of 8 body colors, and it was a nice point that you could choose your favorite color.

Regarding the radiation measurement function, which is the focus of attention, the measured values ​​change greatly depending on the conditions, and it takes a long time to measure with high accuracy, and it is not the instantaneous value that is important in the first place. Had little meaning to. It was interesting as a function, but…

Main event on July 14

In 2003, APC Japan released UPS "ES 500" for individuals
2011,Sharp's "GALAPAGOS" OS is now Android
year 2012,Softbank releases “PANTONE 5” [107SH]
2017,Pillow Co., Ltd. released "Smartphone Pillow"
2017,au Releases "HTC U11" with Edge sense
2017,ASUS releases "ZenScreen MB16AC"
2017,ASUS releases "ZenFone Live [ZB501KL]"


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