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On July 31, 2013, WILLCOM's "Everyone's Flat-rate Pass" (WX01TJ) was launched: What day is it today? -Engadget Japan version

The call-only terminal used from a smartphone connected via Bluetooth is the "Flat-rate pass with anyone" [WX01TJ].

This unique PHS was launched today in 2013.

Willcom, a PHS operator, has come up with a variety of ideas to try to win users. One of them is this "Everyone's flat-rate pass". It is a divisible product that has only a power button on the main body, and it can not be used alone. Prepare a separate smartphone and connect via Bluetooth. I was able to finally make a call using the dedicated app.

It may seem inconvenient to hear this much, but the advantage is that you can add and receive calls using the PHS line with the smartphone you are currently using. A monthly pass of 490 yen for a flat-rate pass for anyone, plus 980 yen a month for unlimited use of mobile phones and landlines of other companies up to 500 times [10 minutes each time]. With 1470 yen, you can make a call without worrying about call charges.

There is no need to change the model, no need to change plans, no need to switch carriers, and it can be combined with a cheap data SIM. Considering it as an ultra flexible all-you-can-call, it is a great deal. It was unique that we were trying to increase the number of users by coexisting with each other, rather than taking users from other companies.

Main event on July 31

In 2004, Matsushita Electric Industrial"DMR-E700BD"Released
2013,WILLCOM Launches "Everyone's Flat-rate Pass" [WX01TJ]
2013,NVIDIA releases handheld game console "SHIELD"
2015,Sony releases "RX10 II" and "RX100 IV"
2015,King Jim releases "PRO SR5500P"
In 2018, Sony"SPRESENSE" [CXD5602PWBMAIN1]Released

Source: "A flat-rate pass with anyone" WX01TJ


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