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On July 4, 2008, the highly practical netbook "Wind Notebook U100" was released with HDD: What day is it today? -Engadget Japan version

In 2008, the popularity of the super-cheap mini notebook and netbook with Atom was on fire. Many netbooks were released, but one of the popular models in the early days was "Wind Notebook U100".

The netbook that uses this 10.2-inch LCD was launched in 2008 today.

It was a model that was released when the name "netbook" had not been established yet, and the Atom N270 for CPU and 1GB of memory are side by side with other companies. However, it has a large 10.2 inch [1024 x 600 dots] liquid crystal and an 80GB HDD, which makes it more practical.

In addition, the feature that the HDD can be replaced and the memory can be increased to 2GB at the self-responsibility has attracted particular attention from enthusiasts and has become a popular model.

Although the main body size is large, the easy-to-read LCD, tamper-proof specifications, and keyboard for easy keystrokes were perfect for those who wanted to use a netbook as a second PC.

Main event on July 4

2008,MSI releases “Wind Notebook U100”
2014,LG releases smart watch "LG G Watch"
2015,Sharp Releases New Helcio Model "AX-XP200"
2016,au Releases "Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition" with Limited to 100 Units


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