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On June 22, 2002, "GIGABEAT" (MEG50JS), which adopted a PC card HDD for storage, was released: What day is it today? -Engadget Japan version

"GIGABEAT" is a unique digital audio player that uses a replaceable HDD for media.

This first model, the MEG50JS, was released in 2002 today.

Most digital audio players used flash memory, which has a small capacity but is easy to miniaturize, but in HDD-equipped models such as the iPod, the large capacity is a weapon. The convenience of being able to carry around all the music at all times, and there were many people who liked it.

However, it is true that the capacity is limited, no matter how large the capacity is. GIGABEAT, which allows HDD replacement, has met the expectations of people who want larger capacity players.

Uses a PC card-type HDD "mobile disk" so that anyone can easily replace it. By using the thinner Type II instead of the thicker Type III, it was possible to use it even for small players. Creating a small HDD like this is one of Toshiba's strengths in a wide range of fields.


Since it is a PC card type, you can also read and write files by inserting this mobile disk into a notebook PC. Also, it can be used as an external HDD by inserting it into the GIGABEAT main unit and connecting with USB. However, it was delicate in terms of usability because the transfer of music files requires special software.

Main event on June 22

In 2001, Sanyo released the digital video camera "DSC-MZ1"
2002 Toshiba audio player"GIGABEAT" [MEG50JS]Released
2011,Justsystem releases the official version of "ATOK for Android"
2013,Sony releases "VAIO Pro 11" and "VAIO Pro 13"
In 2018, Sony"DSC-RX100M6"Released
2018,Docomo Launches "Xperia XZ2 Compact"


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