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On March 21, 2006, the first tweet was posted on Twitter, which could tweet up to 140 characters: what day is it today? -Engadget Japan Version

todayTwitter is a bit different from SNS such as Facebook, which emphasizes connection with people, and can post short tweets like tweets.

This first tweet was posted today in 2006 (local time). First … or rather the oldest surviving tweets are co-founders of Twitter"Just setting up my twttr" by Jack Dorsey. The second tweet (maybe)By Biz StoneSo it was exactly the same "just setting up my twttr". It doesn't mean anything deep, it's like a microphone test.

If you try to find out what is the oldest tweet,"Inviting coworkers" by Jack Dorseywas.

Since then, the number of participants has increased, and it has become a popular tool for casual tweeting.

By the way, at first it was only 140 characters of text, but later, many functions such as retweet, image posting, hashtag, bookmark, etc. are added. The tweet that can be posted has also been expanded to 280 characters. However, Japanese is still 140 characters.

Major events on March 21

In 2001, Nintendo"Gameboy Advance"Released
In 2006,Jack Dorsey first tweet on Twitter
In 2007,Sony launches new Walkman "NW-A800" series
In 2013, Avid"Strapphone 2" (WX06A)Released
In 2015,Sony launches MDR-1ABT Bluetooth headphones
2017,Sony launches “PlayStation Now for PC” service

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