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On March 29, 2014, the PLEXTOR brand PCIe connection SSD “M6e” series was released: what day today? -Engadget Japan Version

todayThe "M6e" series has attracted the attention of PC fans since ancient times because it is a PCIe-connected SSD bearing the "PLEXTOR" brand, which boasted the top popularity in optical drives.

This SSD was released today in 2014. PLEXTOR-branded SSDs have been around since 2009, but they are SATA-connected products and as common as many other products are in terms of performance. The "M6e" series, on the other hand, has become a hot topic because of the small number of PCIe connections at the time and the PLEXTOR brand.

At that time, the motherboard at that time still had few M.2 slots that could be connected to PCIe, so it is interesting that it was released on a form that was mounted on a board for conversion to a PCIe card. Just as the limits of SATA connections were beginning to be seen and SSDs with PCIe connections were attracting attention, the M6e series, which was not badly available, appeared at a fairly good timing.

However, the performance is about 770MB / s for sequential read. Sure, it's faster than a SATA connection, but it's a subtle high-end feeling expected from the brand.


The brand is PLEXTOR, but Shinano Kenshi at the time of the optical drive has nothing to do with it and is a product of PLDS (PHILIPS & LITE-ON DIGITAL SOLUTIONS).

Major events on March 29

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2014, PLEXTOR brand PCIe connected SSD"M6e" seriesReleased
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