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On March 30, 2019, the 5th generation "iPad mini", the first new model in three and a half years, was released: what day is it today? -Engadget Japan Version

todayThe iPad mini (fifth generation) is a small 7.9-inch tablet that appeared for the first time in about three and a half years since the iPad mini4 was released in September 2015.

This long-awaited tablet was launched by each carrier today in 2019. The first model of iPad mini appeared in 2012, and earned enthusiastic fans from its exquisite sense of size. Since then, the iPad mini 2 in 2013 has been evolving every year, with the use of Retina, the iPad mini 3 adopting Touch ID in 2014, and the iPad mini 4 in 2015 becoming thinner, lighter and faster.

However, despite the rumors, no new models appeared in 2016 and skipped 2017. In 2018, there was already a mood to give up on the appearance of the successor model. When the rumors of a new model coming out in 2019 came out (as usual), I thought it would just be PV, but it really comes out. There was worth waiting for.

The appearance of iPad mini (5th generation) is almost the same as the previous model, but the performance is greatly improved by installing A12 Bionic. Another major change is that it now supports the Apple Pencil (old model).


By the way, it seems that it was released at the Apple store from 28th. Apple's online store launch date and its release from docomo au Softbank today.

Major events on March 30

1983, honored microcomputer system"Nobunaga's Ambition"Released
year 2012,HP releases “HP ENVY 14 Specter”
year 2012,Docomo releases “BlackBerry Bold 9900”
2016,Microsoft launches developer version of HoloLens in North America
2018,Amazon launches general sales of "Echo" series
2019,Docomo, au, Softbank launches "New iPad mini"

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