On the left hand of the fracture … I care about the fans who felt Kikunosuke Onoe

Kabuki performances are held at four theaters in Tokyo in January. Kabukiza Theater, Shimbashi Performance Hall, Asakusa Public Hall, and National Theater.

In some theaters, the opening of the mirror was held on the first day, and interviews were held. At the National Theatre, Kikugoro Onoe and others are performing, and "Through Kyogen @ Kikuichiza Reiwa Revenge" is staged. At Kagamibiraki, Kinosuke Onoe mentioned that he had broken a part of his left elbow while performing on a new Kabuki "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" on December 8, last year.

When it was time to greet my greetings, the place that was on the stage was dropped down in a righteous manner and said, "Before the New Year's greeting," I'm really sorry that I couldn't see the one who bought it, I was sorry to see it. I recovered a lot from the middle and the production was also quite restored. Thank you for serving Chiaki Raku and thank you all. " He said thank you.

Holding the microphone with his injured left hand may have been a concern for the worried fan. Kikunosuke said, “I'm going to go to the hospital after the end of Chiaki and find that my bones are still intact. I want to rehabilitate and rehabilitate to move properly. I think. "

It was also interesting that the role of “Tango-san!” Played on TBS “Grand Maison Tokyo” last October. It must be a year of trying various things while working hard on rehabilitation of injuries.

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