"Once you've decided on the settings, I'll run the FSW!" Owner's dream of brilliantly customizing the 910 | Nissan Bluebird Sedan SSS Vol.3

In 2000, I was lucky enough to get the 83 year SSS equipped with the desired CA18 engine.

I tried to replace it with a normal CA18DET type, but the engine itself was OK, but it turned out that I could not replace it as normal because the turbine interferes with the members.

So, tune-up started with the purpose of laying out the turbine on the upper side.

The turbine has TD06-19C as a waste gate, and the engine has a displacement of 1.9L.

The body is also almost ideal, with undercarriage, brakes for the S13, knocked out fenders and full paint.

The rest is perfect if the air conditioner is on.

910 Bull engine and undercarriage View all images

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