One cup sake that shines !? I found tapioca milk tea sake → I learned the greatness of that

"One cup sake"Because of the TV etc.Uncle's drinkThere is an image that. People who actually drink one cup sake have seen them on the school train only once, but they were still uncles. I remember feeling a little bitter and a little longing.

But suchUntil one cup of sake, "Tapioca" had been eroded.One cup of tapioca milk tea was sold by Kikusui, a major brewery maker. As soon as I drank it, I realized that it was so important.

・ A “shine” one cup?

"Tapioca Milk Tea Liquor" has a cute appearance in a cup like a milk bottle,As the name implies, it is a pure sake."This is alcohol." Is written on the lid as well as on the label.

Although it is a one cup type liqueur,Alcohol content is not higher than 5 degrees and less than 6 degrees. In this case, even beginners and almost lower writer can drink!

The scent is milk teaBut when I take a bite…Alcohol without beating.It tastes a bit like rum raisin for some reason in the mouth. But the aftertaste is like sake. What a strange drinking feeling. I'm drinking "one cup sake" alone at the park at night.

Moreover, if there is a “tapioca milk tea” element in a one-cup drink, there is also a “shine” element. When I shoot with the night view, despite being a “shine” amateur …This feels “shining”!Both balance and shine.

However, he drinks in a good mood and notices "something."Yes, I don't eat tapioca.There was no tapioca in the mouth so far while enjoying the night view and drinking a little bit and remaining.

At that time, I remembered. Whenever I always drink tapioca drinks, it comes with a straw …"Tapioka Milk Tea Alcohol" had no straw …

While chewing tapioca with jerky texture like konjac with the remaining two mouths,Great straws for tapioca drinksI knew again.

・ Cafe au lait version

I purchased "Tapioca Milk Tea Sake" at Donki for 298 yen [excluding tax], but it seems that it can be purchased online.

Apparently, besides "Sake of Tapioca Milk Tea", Kikusui also sells strawberry ole and café au lait with tapioca as the same series,One cup of sake that shinesCome if you want to drink.

Source:Kikusui Brewery Official HP

Report:Date Ayaka

Photo: RocketNews24.
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