One day a real lamborghini in the garage │ Christmas video released according to the true story

Outmobili Lamborghini's 2018 video, which featured children, was a hot topic around the world with over 24 million views on Lamborghini SNS. And the Christmas video, also produced in 2019, describes the encounter with Lamborghini lovers, following last year.

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This year's video features a true story from Stirling Bacchus and his 12-year-old son Thunder. For nearly two years, Bacchus and his parents in Erie, Colorado, have been working on a full-scale replica of the Aventador SV using a 3D printer in their garage. One day before Christmas, the parent and child opened the garage door a few days before Christmas, when a real black Aventador S was parked in place of their replica.

Parents and children who proved a deep love for Lamborghini in the projects they worked on, drove the real Aventador for the next few days and enjoyed their own Lamborghini experience.

Katya Bassi, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Automobili Lamborghini, commented: "Automobili Lamborghini disagrees with any counterfeiting, but thought that such a real story full of passion was worthy of being picked up and chose the Stirling and Thunder projects for the 2019 Christmas video."

Here's a heartwarming video of Lamborghini love.

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