One foot even, and to expand the reuse market

The reuse market is expanding. Super Communication and 2017 Japanese Super Market year-on-year 12. 3%to 1 trillion 9932 billion yen. This is the communication prospects, the youth population and the trading frequency of the increase in 2022 is”about 3 trillion yen”to have been.

【Here】Apparel giant world of Internet shopping and the percentage is 12% more than leading footprint

The market upsurge of the reasons, see the”young professional!” Such as on the Internet individuals trading of penetration has been noted. At the same time at the stores, to the unfolding of the municipality”operation shop”appeared as symbolized by the diverse capital? Entry is permitted.

The municipality operated at, for example Tokyo・Chuo-ku, is”St. Luke’s International Hospital”near Akashi-Cho and Haneda airport・Narita Airport towards the bus station,the Tokyo City Terminal/Hakozaki 2 of the stores have been.

The business is so much profitable to me? A company, which has been in business for more than 60 years of established the industry’s top class of soldiers is now 3 months that Tokyo・Shinjuku 2-store the transition costs associated with the predecessor in the”operating profit”, but the previous year・before the previous period the average operating profit rate is 55%weaker.

The industry detailed analysts”municipal participation or a long-established listed companies, the outgrowth of that kind of sense of security is the expansion of the background can. Segment of 8 percent in account for komehyo revenue trends looking back, money to say that is not an exaggeration. This time, the apparel of a major World War and expressed it in the background while it is possible to”be.

World during this time, M&A strategy are actively about. 18 years Brand apparel products, the”tag”to operate the site system in the upper levels to the acquisition. The fashion rental service that will help Omni has Minutes method applied to done. And 19 years 10 months 25 days, total 43 billion 4200 million yen in the Hiroshima Prefecture of support・technology [class of service]subsidiary announced.

Class service, luxury bags of the so-called subscription rental firms. Earnings situation is 19 years 7 months in the”sales of 13 billion 7900 million yen, and net 3600 million yen”and the art of mid-sized companies. Class of the subsidiary aim of a customer base to share the world of brick and mortar/e-Commerce Mall, in conjunction with the”youth market”to focus on・development・cultivate.

World is 18 years 9 months of re-listing, since the steady income that shows. This fiscal year also,”12.0% of sales, an increase of 7.2%, the final increase,14 dividend by ¥ 69 yen dividend”plan, rising disclosure date of the interim [year-to-year comparison 34. 8%of sales, an increase of 80.8%of final earnings], received a full-year plan”23.1%of sales an increase of 33.1%in the final an increase of 72 yen dividends”in the revised. The sluggish performance of the apparel industry in vomiting.

“The spate of M&A through its effect as one of the business enhancement plan,”and industry analysts mouth to align. The industry, the momentum of the capital market. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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