One in the world! Hermes and collaboration showcase pure white Bugatti│luxury interior and exterior

Manga Koshvin, a California-born Bugatti Shillong, has been unveiled, known for having one of the most luxurious car collections in the United States. It is one produced in collaboration with one of the world's leading brands, Hermes.

In 2015, Bugatti introduced Shillong as an alternative to Veyron, but Koshvin sought a more unique car. He says he ordered a special Shillong Super Sport 300+ among Shillons, but he was not satisfied and ordered a different one. He loved two brands, Hermes and Bugatti, born in France, and wanted to collaborate.

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The project itself started in 2016, but was only completed during this time. The reason why it took three years is that Koshbin was very particular about things. As for body color, after trying silver, blue and brown, it was decided to select Hermes Kleje. This is a Hermes color that means "chalk-like white." One such car was completed as a result of ordering a luxury, yet elegant and simple Shillong.

The front grille has a Hermes "H pattern", and unlike the normal Shillong, the rear bumper is also painted to match the body. The exterior and interior are all decorated with a pattern with a Hermes icon horse as a motif. This can be seen behind the rear wing and is an important point. The word "1 of 1" on the doorsill also symbolizes this car.

Koshbin is already working on a customization project for the McLaren Speedtail.

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