One Maserati Appears in the World│Athlete Yoshihide Kiryu Takes Place as Brand Ambassador

105 years ago, Maserati had a racing spirit and challenged him for a long time. It was Athlete Yoshihide Kiryu who appeared along with the Maserati's special limited edition vehicle, which has only one in the world. He was the silver medal at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics in the athletic men's 4x100m relay final, and in 2017, that Kiryu set a new Japanese record of 9 seconds 98, the first 9 seconds in Japan. Next to it is the Maserati GranTurismo @ Gran Finale, which has only one special model in the world.

Maserati Japan has appointed Mr. Yoshihide Kiryu as a brand ambassador, and has announced a special limited edition GranTurismo Grand Finale that celebrates his appointment and has only one in the world.

The Gran Turismo has been a model of Maserati since its launch in 2007, attracting enthusiasts from around the world. The Gran Turismo Gran Finale, which was the basis for the special specification, is a model that pays tribute to Gran Turismo, which was announced to end production at the Modena plant in Italy in November 2019.

The special car unveiled in this announcement is wearing a bicolor of Bianco Fuji and Rosso Italiano, which means "connecting Japan and Italy". The design is reminiscent of the Japanese flag.

Mr. Yoshihide Kiryu will be the first brand ambassador at the Japanese Athletics. "Maserati has a lot in common with" running. "In training as well, starting from warming up, going up to the second and third speeds, increasing the speed, and increasing the sense of acceleration until reaching the top speed, Cars have always been a part of my life, and my car has always been a part of my life, sometimes as close as seven days a week. It was a space where I myself often talked to my father when I was a student. It's a very private and relaxing time, even if I'm riding alone. I'm very happy to spend time with Maserati. " I said.

Kiryu will be lent a Maserati SUV model, Levante Trofeo. By the way, Trofeo means "trophy" in Italian. "I want to make 2020 a year to get trophies and medals." "I want to regain the Japanese record and raise the value of Kiryu Yoshihide."

"We decided to sell this GranTusmo here because it was Japan that sold the most," said Luca Delfino, Asia Pacific Regional Head of Maserati Japan.

This specially-designed vehicle will be sold in a bid format, and part of the sales will be donated to the Japan Land Federation. Tenders will begin accepting bids at 10 am on February 22, 2020. Details of the bidding method can be found on the Maserati website below.

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