One mask for children costs 35 yen! Watching GPS service "Mamo Search" starts reservation sale | AppBank

Mamo searchIs selling the masks for children at a cost.

Children's masks are sold at a cost of 35 yen per set and a set of 30 for 1,050 yen

IoT Bank Co., Ltd., which provides "Mamo Search", a GPS monitoring service for children, announced that it will carry out additional production of its children's mask "Joji Jin no Masuku".

"Joji's Masuku" is a mask for children sold for 35 yen per piece. The initial production has been sold out, but this time, pre-order sales have started with 30 pieces set for 1,050 yen.

Reservation destination is the company's official EC site "Mamo search online store]. It will be shipped sequentially from June 8th.

Mamosearch ・Distributor: IOTBANK, CO., LTD.
・DL price at the time of publication: Free
・Category: Utilities
・Capacity: 41.9 MB
・Version: 1.1.3
*Capacity is maximum. It may become smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

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