One of the best dark soups when you enter an unnamed standing buckwheat noodle shop! Asked the name of the shop at "Mysterious Soba Shop" in Asakusabashi / Standing Eating Soba Wandering: 224

Quizes, mysteries, unknown secrets … mysteries are fascinating. Tokyo is in Asakusabashi,Mysterious standing eating soba shopDid you know that there is?

This soba shop is located south of Saemon Bridge over the Kanda River. An important thing is missing from the sign that says "Rachiku soba udon."It's a name. I am very worried just because there is no name. What kind of store is it? I tried to enter there.

・ In store

As soon as I passed the entrance, there was a counter. The inside of the shop is only this counter and the kitchen, and the area is full of feeling if 6 to 7 people enter. It is a simple standing eating soba restaurant.

Looking at the menu,Kake soba is quite cheap at 290 yen including tax. I [Nakazawa] saw the deep-fried tempura and ordered "Shunikuten soba [390 yen including tax]".


A woman is cooking alone in the kitchen. The dim light coming in from the sash door and the flowing TV set create a relaxed atmosphere. The air inside the store does not even smell the mystery, but the soba that came out …

Black soup.

The color of that soup that the soba disappears in the depths of darkness is just abyss. It is one of the best darkness in Tokyo. After all it is a mysterious shop. So, while eating soba, I asked a woman for the name of the store and laughed,No name"Was the answer.

There are sometimes standing noodle soba restaurants whose name is not written on the sign. Gaienmae'sShin-Etsu SobaAnd MorishitaBasho soba]And so on. However, as for the namelessness of this soba shop's sign, I personally felt like a will.Tsuyu and his name are in the dark…… Soba shop in the abyss.

・ Nameless flower

By the way, the taste of soba is not as dark as it looks, and when you drink soup, you will feel sour in the soy sauce taste and it is refreshing. Shunikuten who smoked such a soup is fluffy, and has a fragrance and a bit of bitterness.

It's not a hard horse, but it's a good soba when you want to chill in the morning. It may not need a name for its taste, like a nameless flower that blooms on the roadside.

[* This article was taken before the emergency declaration was issued]

・ Information of stores introduced this time

Store nameNone
Street address22-5-9 Nihombashi Bakurocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
business hours7: 30 ~ 15: 00
Regular holidaySaturdays, Sundays, and holidays

Report: Standing Eating Soba CriticSeiji Nakazawa

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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