One owner 21 years, tuning over 100ps! | Daihatsu Mira Turbo TR-XX EFI Vol.3

The owner M.K. has been maintaining this Mira for 21 years. M.K bought Mira Turbo in the era of the bubble economy. I found a line of old and new cars at a dealer in the neighborhood and jumped at them. At that time, the economy was booming with monthly salaries increasing. Most of his salary was spent on car maintenance and tuning.

"That's why I spent a lot on new cars to buy luxury cars. At that time I was driving on the circuit with this Mira, so I feel like I was doing something every month."

For this Mira Turbo, the engine is assembled at a shop called NER, and the computer setting using the trust / e-managed ultimate is performed at Powerhouse DTM. With a GT Toda original turbine, DTM exhaust manifold processing, HKS actuator, intercooler, custom radiator, etc., the maximum output exceeds 100ps.

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According to the engine, the front suspension is a kg / mm race spring, an auto jewel damper, and a Cusco pillow upper. Rear combined a Technica damper with an Auto Jewel spring.

Now there are no parts and I have the same trouble as the old car owner. So he doesn't usually ride it, but he keeps it in the garage so that it won't hit the rain. Since MK owns another 550 light car, it would be a great pain just to keep everything up without raising the battery.

The Mira Turbo TR was released in August 1985, and the TR-XX equipped with aero parts was added in November immediately after that. This car will also be fitted with a pit in Kuwashima lip spoiler.

The new genre of light bonnet vans was established in the latter half of the 1970s and the early 80s. Cars have become an indispensable part of people's lives, mainly in rural areas. Mira Turbo appeared as a new era in the light bon bon that supported it.

The engine is greatly tuned according to the owner's preference. Therefore, a large-capacity injector is controlled by Trust's e-Managed Ultimate as a sub computer.

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