One piece of Alps mountains / Rei Sugimoto sitting on the cliff

Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, the “stay home” of going out self-control continues. The same applies to athletes, but the smartphones of the robust players who have fought on the world stage have the recommended scenery of "this!" Introducing one of my favorite photos in a series, such as the "shining" scenery, memorable towns, and scenery. The ninth is Rei Sugimoto [28 = My Navi], a sports climbing boy.


"Is it okay to sit here!?" I love this superb view screaming picture. In September 2014, I photographed from the entrance of the Eisleisenberg belt, which is called "the largest ice cave in the world" on the outskirts of Salzburg, Austria. Altitude about 1600 meters. Sit on a single horizontal plate set on a precipitous cliff, and the view of the Alps mountains from there was the best healing experience on a long tour.

At the time, it was a four-week tour that is unthinkable now. After participating in the Bouldering World Championships Munich tournament, I went to Italy and Switzerland in invited games and voluntary training, and finally went to the ice cave for sightseeing. Until 16th, when the new competition for the Tokyo Olympics was decided, I had many memories of the free time of overseas expeditions. However, even the representative from Japan did all the things such as airline tickets and hotel reservations, so there were many difficulties. I am very grateful that the Olympics will attract attention to climbing and improve the competition environment as a player, but I remembered the nostalgia by seeing this picture 6 years ago.

In the self-restraint life of Corona, I started online yoga with my wife [who got married in February last year] one day a week. While I was sweating slowly, my mental fatigue of self-restraining was also improved, and I was able to take on a challenge. Honestly, the Tokyo Olympics have been postponed for one year, and there are changes in my feelings. Time is cruel Up until half a year ago, I was burning with “I will definitely go to the Olympics”, but now I am setting new goals other than the Olympics and moving forward.

○…Sugimoto, the chairman of the Japan National Team, prayed for early resolution of the Olympic selection criteria problem. "The sports arbitration court [CAS] rulings are getting more and more tired, and the players involved are feeling tired. I think that motivation for the Olympics will change if there is rapid progress, so please give an answer as soon as possible." Appealed. In November last year, the Japan Association sued the International Federation to the CAS over the selection criteria for the second frame of the Olympic team. A hearing was scheduled for April, but it was postponed because of the new Corona. No new dates have been set, and the problem is lengthening.

◆Rei Sugimoto Born on November 13, 1991 [flat 3], Sapporo city. Start the competition in elementary school 3. Entered Waseda University in Advanced Science and Engineering from Sapporo Nishitaka. After graduating from the university in March 2015, he worked as a professional climber. Winner of the Bouldering World Cup in Munich in 2013 and the World Cup bale in 2018. My hobby is video games. My family is my wife. 170 cm, 63 kg. Blood type A.

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