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One-time free broadcasting is decided on TV animation "SHIROBAKO" Nico Nico Live! Theatrical version "SHIROBAKO" starts broadcasting from the national release date

Nico Nico Live Broadcast will broadcast episodes 1 to 12 of "SHIROBAKO" broadcasted on TV from 19:00 on February 29, 2020 (Sat), the day of the movie "SHIROBAKO" national road show release, on March 1 (Sun) From 19 o'clock, 13 to 24 episodes, all night of the TV series will be broadcast free for two consecutive nights.

■ Work introduction

Shirobako is a videotape in a white box used in the video industry.
When a work is completed, it is the first thing the creator can get.
Compared to sales packages made gorgeously with illustrations and photos,
A tape just in a white box may be plain.
However, the creators' thoughts are packed there.

This story focuses on five dreaming girls,
Spotlight on the anime industry struggling to complete Shirako
Every day troubles, conflicts and frustrations caused by creative work,
It is a group-dramatic work depicting the daily life of the animation industry, such as unity and clashes that occur only when made in a group.

And a challenge to the dream that the five aimed together.
A success story that leads to hope beyond that.

Yes, anime is here right now …

■ Broadcast schedule
"SHIROBAKO" 1-12 episodes broadcast at once
February 29 (Sat) 19:00 start

"SHIROBAKO" 13-24 episodes broadcast at once
March 1 (Sun) 19:00 start





(C) “ SHIROBAKO '' Production Committee
Movie version "SHIROBAKO" official site

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SHIROBAKO Blu-ray BOX 1 Standard Edition (3 DVD Set)
Juri Kimura
Warner Brothers Home Entertainment

SHIROBAKO Blu-ray BOX 2 Standard Edition (3 DVD Set)
Juri Kimura
Warner Brothers Home Entertainment

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