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Two new types of “Sandan Tsukami Sushi” will be available at “Kappa Sushi” from February 5 (Wed.) this week! It is delicious.

Two types of three-tiered sushi appeared

Tsukami Sushi, which has been appearing in Kappa Sushi since 2019, is a very popular series with a total of over 650,000 dishes in a unique style of grabbing plenty of ingredients with nori and eating it.

Moreover, this time, we will use "Ariake's first harvested laver". Compared to usual nori, the color depth is clear at a glance.

When I ate it, the aroma and taste of "nori" were completely different. There is no sea-likeness that is common in nori, and it tastes so elegant that you can even feel sweetness. It is also a high point that it is thick and firm but crisp!

The fifth version of Tsukami Sushi, which is currently available, is Daito Toni and Lamp Fish Caviar and Thorn Crab Toni and Lamp Fish Caviar.

Lappfish caviar, the first appearance of Kappa sushi, was exciting to see what kind of taste and sushi it produces.

When I eat, I use soy sauce in number.

Grab it with "Ariake's New Year's Harvest Nori" and go straight to your mouth!

Sandan Tsuzumi Sushi -Large Toroni and Lampfish Caviar- ¥ 300 + tax

At first the moment when the big toro enters the mouth with the toro, it melts. There, unexperienced texture that lampfish caviar can pop!

Rich sea urchin, large toro and caviar are all mixed in a good balance and the mouth overflows with "luxury". The taste was so luxurious and rich that I thought that the laser of light would pop out of my mouth if it was a nostalgic cooking animation.

Sandanzuka Sushi -Thorn Crab Toni and Lamp Fish Caviar- 300 yen + tax

This is a menu in which the large toro has been replaced by "thorn crab".

The crab "Thorn crab", which has a low catch and is not available outside Hokkaido, is characterized by its richness that is comparable to that of king crabs. Such a rich sea urchin taste that connects between the rich crab and salty caviar. Despite the richness, the taste was surprisingly small and easy to eat.

Two types of "Sandan Tsukami Sushi" that will be available from today will be sold for a limited time until March 1, 2020 (Sun). It will end as soon as it disappears even during the period, so those who are worried will be early!

Official site:Sandanzuka Sushi | Kappa Sushi | Conveyor Belt Sushi

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