One week in the drama: Satomi Ishihara pharmacist with voice actor Yuki Kaji starring in live-action drama for the first time

ド ラ マ "Drama 1 week" that introduces the news of the main drama of the week at once. This time [February 1-7], it was announced that Satomi Ishihara will play a hospital pharmacist in the premier drama "Ansang Cinderella II Hospital Pharmacist's Prescription" [Fuji Television] starting in April. Hiroki Hasegawa, who will be starring in the live-action drama "Kirin Kakuru Kuru" [NHK General], will perform at the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple [Narita City, Chiba]. Participated in the annual Setsubun event, where people talked about beans and so on.

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