One week of drama: Shiro Shiraishi is a lover of Yokohama meteor “Woz” Yu Watanabe is a nurse …

”Drama 1 week” that introduces the news of the drama for the week. This time [December 7-13], the actress Kiyoshi Shiraishi will be starring the double drama starring Kiyo vegetable name and Yokohama Ryusei in a series that starts on January 12, 2020, "Panda in a world that is neither white nor black. [Laughs] ”[Yomiuri TV / Nippon TV, Sunday 10:30 pm], the topic of acting as the lover of Naoki Morishima, played by Yokohama, and the special effects drama“ Kamen Rider Jio ”[TV Asahi] Yusuke Watanabe who played "Kamen Rider Woz" appeared in the serial drama "Koi wa Tsukuyo Yodokudo" [TBS series, 10:00 pm] starring Moe Kamishiroishi broadcast from January 2020. The topic of acting as a nurse attracted attention.

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