One year and three months muffled eggplant “Wish Wakuba”

Talent Nasubi [44], who challenged the "competition life" in the Nippon TV variety "Shinnai!

Nasubi has the experience of applying for sweepstakes in magazines and the like, and challenging the "sweepstakes life" to survive with the prizes. Eggplant revealed that he has stayed at home for the past month, except for going out for work or shopping for a few days, “ I have been in the room for about a year and three months in the prize life, so, We are still in a good situation without any problems. " "I believe that I can say it, but even though it seems that there are various things such as the family environment and personal reasons, I will not die for human beings staying at home for a month or two!" did.

While expressing appreciation to the medical staff, Nasusu said, "The lack of imagination is the number one problem." "If the infection just exploded, it would be irretrievable. I am the one who is promoting the explosion. I have to realize that. " "In short, I would like to say to everyone who was watching the prize life! I do not say anything for one year and three months, hopefully one month, but even if it is impossible for one month, one week or ten days, Would you like to try shutting yourself in at home? Since I was able to do it, you can do it as well, ”again appealed to refrain from going out.

The story of the eggplant, which has a real experience, has received a response such as “too persuasive”, “thank you for reminding me now” and “I will do my best with hikikomori”.

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