One year of the leap that the overwhelming glittering “white canvas” talks about “It was a dressing room like a funeral”

Among the many groups that color the idol scene, the “white canvas” is particularly popular among younger generations. We asked the girls who ran along the royal road idol routes about neat looks, songs across various genres, and expressive dances about changes over the past year.

──Misa Hashimoto and Chiaki Nishino joined on December 31, 2018, and now there are 6 members. Has the group changed?

Onodera It was painful when the first leader [Reiko Tachibana] graduated on November 17, last year, but I feel that the two fans joined and the number of new fans increased, and I got more momentum. . 6 people became powerful in the performance, and the fans said that “a sparkle increased”.

── Did the new member understand immediately?

Hashimoto: There was a release event every day in the second half of January this year, so I was able to get to know it right away.

Onodera Two people joined and there was an expedition with Nagoya and Osaka immediately. I was in the same room as the two people, but that was too big, right?

But Hashimoto [Onodera] was so tired that he slept right away [laughs]. [Nishino] Chiaki-chan was crying with homesickness.

Nishino It wasn't homesick, but it was an expedition to meet everyone for the first time.

Onodera: The atmosphere of the dressing room has become brighter now because two people meet. Before, the producer was angry that “the dressing room looks like a funeral” [laughs].

──Young fans are young.

Miura: I really feel that. There are also high school students who come in uniform at the end of the release event.

Nishino: Junior high school students also come. I'm glad that you think you're working hard with your pocket money.

Onodera Producer has been saying “I want to improve the quality of content targeting the younger generation” from the time of its formation, so I think I was addicted to it. So MIX and Cole are also hot.

──It is also a big feature that the width of the song is wider.

Onodera When the number of songs he has increased, he asked the producer, “Isn't there a unity of our songs?” From subtle songs to pretty songs. The answer was “I ’ll do it.” So I am conscious that I can express various performances.

Miura Live values ​​a sense of unity with fans. The new song “Now step out in summer” is choreographed so that it can be easily imitated, so I want you to dance together.

──This summer, you won the main idol festival, but what was the most impressive?

Onodera TIF festival stage was fun.

Mueda: It was a live performance after losing this year's main stage competition, so I was really excited.

── Finally, what are your goals for next year?

Suzuki I want to be on the main stage at next summer festival.

Nishino: I want to appear on terrestrial television because the opportunities for media coverage are increasing.

Hashimoto: Zepp Oneman is a big goal right now, but first of all, I want to sell out all the live shows!
▽ Pure white canvas

From the left, Chiaki Nishino, Nanako Miura, Mio Hashimoto, Akira Onodera, Ema Suzuki, Hikaru Mueda. A group formed in September 2017. On November 18 of the same year, it was shown at Ebisu CreAto.

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