OnePlus, next smartphone equipped with 120Hz display

One OnePlus, which had sold a 90Hz display in the "OnePlus 7" series, is likely to raise the refresh rate further with the next smartphone. Pete Lau, the company's founder and CEO,In a new blog post,The company said in 2020 that it plans to launch a device with a smoother 120Hz "Fluid Display".

Provided by Andrew Hoyle / CNET

Provided by Andrew Hoyle / CNET

According to Lau, the new AMOLED, developed in partnership with Samsung Display, achieves a peak brightness of 1000 nits, provides a fast refresh rate for smooth scrolling and feel, and is responsive to touch.

As a result, Lau wrote, the new display "measured far better" than its competitors in measuring "click response, scroll response, and accuracy."

To improve video quality and playback, the company is adding hardware-based MEMC to the display. MEMC is an acronym for "motion estimation, motion compensation," which enables the company to improve video quality on displays with high refresh rates and to "seamlessly and smoothly" without increasing power consumption. To provide users with a great viewing experience. "

In addition, the new display supports 10-bit color and can reproduce "1024 color tones and more than 1.07 billion colors for each primary color".

It's unclear when OnePlus will announce a new smartphone series, but Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S series is said to have a 120Hz display, so there are likely to be some competitors.

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleWas edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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