Online HD,shopping bag limestone, the main raw material of the new material in 7 months from

Pharmacy online group operated by app Holdings, the nation’s stores to provide shopping bags,7 month from the plastic and new materials to switch to. Scarcity is low, environmental load is little limestone as the main raw material for shopping bag,customers inconvenience to a strong one, plastic reduction and preservation of the marine environment contribution to the company.

【Here】Paper or plastic alternative material”LIMEX”to biodegradable ones that have appeared

New shopping bags material used for the”LIMEX”. Paper of the kind in the Tokyo venture in which TBM was developed.

The main raw material is limestone, a version of plastic marine pollution can reduce not only the paper, do not use the forest to contribute to,at the time of manufacture of the water usage reduction can be. The used products are recovered, there is LIMEX made of pellet processing such as up-cycle materials it is possible to do.

LIMEX plastic shopping bags are petroleum-derived plastic shopping bags, compared to the amount of plastic used to significantly reduce this, in addition to the paper bag as compared to raw material costs can be either real or complex-valued. TBM according to the estimates of,online groups in about the year 40 tons of plastic consumption reduction is expected.

Shopping bag material change in the group’s dispensing pharmacy,the drugstore of the size&the site is as a rule in unison and do plan. New shopping bag white size group and the size&site of marks are drawn to design that.

Access Holdings is an environmentally friendly sustainable management, aiming all of the light emitting diode [LED]and sales vehicles to hybrid vehicles such as the introduction to the order. This shopping bag material change, a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs], the sustainable consumption and production patterns, ensuring Maritime and marine resource conservation can contribute to. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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