Online medical treatment closer to face-to-face: Neolab "Calling for Telemedicine"

Neolab announced on July 9 that it has implemented a function update for its online medical service "Calling for Telemedicine".


Calling for Telemedicine is an online medical service derived from the domestic Web conference system "Calling". In this function update, we have implemented the features of Calling, such as screen sharing, document sharing, whiteboard, simultaneous connection for multiple people, and chat.


Also, we have added a fax linkage function to prescription pharmacies so that it can be done with one click from the management screen on the medical institution side.

When medical institutions face patients online, the problem is that the amount of information is small compared to face-to-face medical treatment. This update aims to enable doctors and patients to communicate more closely with face-to-face treatment.


In the future, while hearing the usage situation and feelings of challenges from the clinics that are cooperating with the development, aiming for September, we will make a text of the insurance card by OCR and confirm it, and deliver drugs from an online dedicated pharmacy. I plan to update it.

Also, we are aiming to create a better medical system by collaborating with local governments to solve problems in areas with few medical institutions such as remote islands.


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