Only 2.4% of "Used and used smartphones are the main products", the reason why second-hand products do not penetrate Japan

Research firm MM Research Institute released a survey on the market for used smartphones on March 11. Only 2.4% of people use used smartphones as their main terminals, and only 11.8% of people have used used smartphones, revealing the fact that used smartphones have not yet penetrated Japan. Was.

  • Used smartphones that can be purchased cheaply for new iPhones and have many products similar to new ones. However, such benefits were not recognized, and it became clear that many people shunned that "what someone used was unpleasant"

80% of main terminals are new and 2% of second-hand products

In February 2020, a survey conducted by MM Research Institute on the Web that asked “ main terminals of mobile phones currently used '' showed that people using “ newly purchased smartphones '' It became overwhelming about 80%. In fact, only 2.4% of used smartphones were used. There is a possibility that many people use the used smartphone not as the main terminal but as the second and subsequent sub-terminals, but the usage rate of the used smartphone is lower than expected.

  • Survey result graph of "main terminals of mobile phones currently used". In fact, 80% were new smartphones

In the questionnaire on "intention to buy used smartphones in the future," the active purchase intention of "want to buy used smartphones" is only about 5%, and the opinion that "we want to consider used smartphones depending on the product and price" It did not reach 1/4. On the other hand, the strong negative opinion "I never want to buy a used smartphone" has reached around 40%.

  • Survey result graph of "intention to buy used smartphone in the future". Positive purchase of used smartphone did not reach 1/4 of the whole

When we asked the people who were positive about purchasing used smartphones in the questionnaire above about the reasons for purchasing and considering used smartphones, about 70% of the respondents said that "because the price is cheap [profitable]". However, around 17-18% of those who fully understand the merits of second-hand goods that are not found in new purchases, such as "because they are not tied to the contract period" and "it is possible to purchase end-of-sale devices" I can return.

  • A graph of the results of a survey of "why you want to buy and consider used smartphones" for people who are positive about purchasing used smartphones. "Lower than new" is widely recognized, but other benefits have not yet penetrated much

When asked the reason why they did not want to buy a used smartphone from those who were negative to buying a used smartphone, “ I am worried about having a battery '' and “ Because there are dirt and scratches '' etc. ranked high, and used goods It turned out that we were concerned about the inevitable deterioration and wear. Apart from these, many people cite reasons such as "because the previous user is unknown" or "because they do not accept used devices physiologically", and it can be seen that many people hate used goods.

  • Graph of the result of surveying "why not want to buy a used smartphone" for those who are negative for purchasing used smartphones. Some people care about the deterioration and wear of the main unit, but quite a few avoid it as "second-hand goods are not physiologically acceptable"

Still, the used smartphone market is expanding

We have also released a graph summarizing the actual sales volume of used smartphones so far and forecasting future sales volume. Although the decline continued from fiscal 2016 to fiscal 2018, it is expected to begin increasing in fiscal 2019 and continue to increase thereafter.

  • Graph summarizing actual sales of used smartphones and forecasting future sales. Despite a drop in FY2017-2018, we expect it to continue to increase in the future

The reason for the temporary decline is because the trade in used goods and discounts by major carriers have been widely accepted, and handsets have not flowed into the used market. What turned to increase from FY2019 is that the revision of the Telecommunications Business Law made it difficult to buy new smartphones, and that the number of SIM free terminals and SIM unlocked terminals that are easy to use when purchasing used goods increased It seems to have been big.

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