Only 56 grams! Convenient pocket-sized shooting light "LUME CUBE AIR" !!

In recent years, the evolution of action cameras has been remarkable. New small and high-performance models such as "GO PRO" and "insta 360" are released every year. Released in the fall of 2019“ Insta 360 GO ''Only 20 grams. It's good that weight is reduced, but there is one problem.

It's shot at night or in the dark. You can take a picture to take a picture, but because it doesn't have a flash or light, it only depends on the brightness of the environment. But this time, it's super compact"LUME CUBE AIR"I found a shooting light called. If you have this one, it may be useful when taking a little booty or camping!

・ Discovered at the gift show venue

I (Sato) discovered this product at the "Tokyo Gift Show 2020" venue, which has been held for three days since February 5, 2020. I saw it at the booth of "Kenko Tokina", which sells camera supplies, and decided to buy it with haste.

Unfortunately, they were not sold at the venue, and were purchased with a BicCamera. The purchase price is 9768 yen including tax.

・ One year from release

LUME CUBE AIR has been released since February 2019. It seems that a new model will appear soon, but I can not help buying what I wanted once. I couldn't wait for the new model. Do you regret it later …

When you open it and look at the contents,Main unit, charging micro USB cable, strap, diffuser (white / orange)Contains.

・ A magnet on the back

Usage is very simple. The power button is originally at the top and is activated by long pressing. Each time it is pressed, the light can be adjusted in steps of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

There is a screw hole at the bottom of the main unit, which can be attached to a tripod and fixed.

The back of the body has a built-in magnet, so it can be attached to any metal surface. It seems to be useful when shooting cooking videos in the kitchen where the hand tends to be dark.

・ App settings

Furthermore, if you use the special application "Lume-X" (iOS / Android), you can adjust the brightness,Flash / Constant light / Strobe (2 types)You can also switch between devices, check the remaining battery level, and control multiple LUME CUBEs simultaneously with your smartphone. It can be said that it is a light that can be easily reached at Kayu.

In addition to dimming, it is also possible to shoot the camera with the app.

At night, I turned on the light (100% dimming) in a darkened room and took a picture. Too dazzling!

If you try to shoot a person with 100% dimming, it will be too dazzling and your eyes will be blurred, so it is recommended to wear a diffuser and reduce the light.

By the way, the charging time is about 1 hour, and it can be used for 2 hours with 50% dimming. After trying various things, it seemed that battery consumption was fast in the case of flash photography. If you can't shoot as you would with an action camera, why not use LUME CUBE AIR?

Report:Hidenori Sato
Photo: Rocketnews24

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