Only from HD,HENNGE◆today’s record noting the brand name◆

*09:00JST only from HD,HENNGE◆today’s record noting the brand name◆
Only from the HD<4544>

The new corona virus is infected to determine whether the PCR testing of the system is infected with the expansion of the trend to keep up and it has been reported that Medical collapse to avoid the spread of infection and to prevent,by the state to the private sector inspection of the consignment and the expansion of the simple test of boost you need and tell. Clinical laboratory companies that do interest in will.


Rising 75-day line to the support line and the trend is continuing. Feet at 3 month highs close after profit taking in the pressed shape and became, the 75-day line is the support line, and after a rebound in the 25th line, to capture all that. Ichimoku clouds in twist phase in the interrupt, but again above the clouds as being above. 《CS》

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