Only in the summer! Enjoy the refreshing juicy lemon flavor "Setouchi Lemon Lemon Paste"! #Seven-Eleven | AppBank

Seven-ElevenThe summer limited "Setouchi lemon lemon paste" is now available!

A refreshing Western-style manju that is perfect for the hot summer months when you lose your appetite.

■You can only enjoy summer! Western-style manju with lemon flavor

From 7-Eleven, Seven Premium's summer limited "Setouchi lemon lemon paste" is now available.

Seven Premium is a private brand of Seven & i Holdings.

So far, we have produced a number of hit products such as "Golden Bread" and "Thick and Thick Chocolate Gateau".

And the "lemon bean paste with lemon in Setouchi" introduced this time is one of the popular products.

It's a lemon version of the Seven Premium "milk bean jam" that was talked about near "Hakata Dori Mon".

The package has a refreshing summery design full of lemon.

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