Only one Porsche 356 limousine custom in the world? The highest bid is …

Porsche-centered car collector John Dixon died in 2013, leaving the Ohio museum "Taj Ma Garaj". And all of the collections were there for auction at RM Sotheby's in September 2019.

Collectors around the world have been the focus of more than 30 vehicles, including a few VWs, and the Automobilia collection. One of them was particularly unusual. That's the 1953 Porsche 356 Limousine. As you can see, the 356 is customized to a limousine, with a soft-top sunroof and minibar. The mounted parts are expected to come from the VW Beetle, but it is unknown. The bent front window, characteristic of the early 356, appears to have been left.

The interior is finished in beautiful camel brown, and the carpet is custom-made brown to match the leather. The remaining Reuters badges also give a sense of Porsche's history. It is a very interesting one because of its high degree of perfection, but it is still a mystery when, where, and by whom it was customized.

Estimated winning bids ranged from $ 150,000 [about 16.2 million yen] to $ 250,000 [about 27 million yen], but were $ 207,200 [about 22,377,600 yen].

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