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Only this winter! Lunasol holiday season limited set "Lunasol Holiday Favorite 2019" makes a mysterious look

Lunasol holiday with a sophisticated color

Limited set only for holiday season from Lunasol“Lunasol Holiday Favorite 2019”Appeared! Try a special coffret that is perfect for the holidays, with an eye shadow palette that creates a mysterious eye, glossy lip gloss, lip and cheeks, and a sparkling purple pouch that holds your heart in mind. saw!

Dramatic Seductive holiday makeup with dark light and colors

Lunasol's winter 2019 theme is “DRAMATIC DARK”. With a collection of images of light and colors that shimmer in the dark, the lineup includes coffrets that color dramatic moments.
“Lunasol Holiday Favorite 2019” (1 limited edition with original pouch, released on November 8, 2019, suggested retail price 8,000 yen excluding tax)Is a special holiday-only set with deep colors and glitters that produce a mysterious and fascinating look.

From the left of the photo, the original pouch, lips and cheeks with a chic and blurring look"Lunasol Skinny Color Glow EX01 Juniper Berry"Blue and green mysterious lame gloss"Lunasol Dress Four Lips (Gross) EX01 Moonlit Dust"Of the eyeshadow palette“Lunasol Eye Color EX03 Mysterious Mood”.

The original pouch is designed to sparkle and tickle the girls' mind.

The size of the limited cosmetics is enough to fit in.

Various colors emit light! An eye shadow that gives a mysterious look in combination

Let's try 3 limited cosmetics that you care about right away.

First"Lunasol Eye Color EX03 Mysterious Mood"From.

Spread ② over the entire eyehole with a brush.

Blur ③ with a tip from the eye wrinkle toward the eye hole.

Put ④ in a line with a thin tip at the corner of the eye.

Finally, insert ① into the eyes and lower eyelids as a point.

The orange in the eyes and the smoky purple in the corners of the eyes are reflected in the transparent base color, giving a mysterious look with a three-dimensional effect.

Lip gloss that attracts adult bloody lip and cheeks and three-dimensional lips

Let's continue to look at "Lunasol Skinny Color Glow EX01 Juniper Berry".

Lip and cheeks that can be used on both lips and cheeks to create a deeply smudged blood color.

Smooth cream type.

On cheeks that feel like an adult.

If you put it on your lips, the color will become deeper as you stack, and the astringent color will give rise to mystery.

Finally"Lunasol Dress Four Lips (Gross) EX01 Moonlit Dust"I will try it.

A mysterious lip gloss with blue and green glitter.

Produce fascinating lips that sparkle every time you move. The cool lame gives the lips a feeling of transparency.

The result of using all three cosmetics looks like this.

Finished in a mysterious and sexy atmosphere that gives a sense of comfort to adults.

A winter limited collection that colors mysterious and dramatic moments

"Lunasol Holiday Favorite 2019" is a limited item recommended for those who want both an adult sex appeal and a trendy feeling.

From November 8th, it can be purchased at lunasol stores nationwide.

If you are interested, check out the official website.

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