Open in just two weeks! Newly designed front screen | TOYOTA 2000GT Bond Car 3

The Toyota 2000GT has a stronger X-shaped backbone frame, so its rigidity is higher than that of the monocoque structure.

However, the roof has been cut out, so we have added reinforcement. Although it looks the same, the front screen and trunk lid are newly designed.

ア ク リ ル The glass is also fitted with acrylic at first and is in time. The tonneau cover was simply put on, but the storage function was not included.

改 The conversion to the full open was proceeding at a rapid pace and completed in just two weeks. After filming, one was sent to Europe. The other is active as a Fuji Speedway marshal car.

The photographed car is returned from overseas and restored and stored in the Toyota Museum.

High quality rosewood instrument panel utilizing the technique of piano making of Japanese musical instrument [Yamaha] is wonderful. The steering wheel is also a wood rim. The shooting car is equipped with Sony communication equipment.

In the center, five round auxiliary meters are placed facing the driver. From left, fuel, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, ammeter, meter is adjustable illumination. The transmission is a fully synchronized 5-speed MT and the parking brake is a stick type.

The instrument panel has a 9000rpm tachometer on the left and a 250km / h speedometer on the right.

Audio is set under each meter, and a stopwatch and a clock fit under it.

1966 Toyota 2000 GT [MF10]

● Total length 4175㎜
● Overall width 1600㎜
● Height 1160㎜ [1104㎜]● Wheelbase 2330㎜
● 1300㎜ both before and after the tread
● Minimum ground clearance 155㎜
● Indoor length 720㎜
● Interior width 1430㎜
● Room height 950㎜
● Vehicle weight 1120㎏
-Riding capacity 2 people
● Maximum speed 225㎞ / h
● Climbing ability sinθ0.567
● Minimum turning radius 5.0m
● Engine model 3M type
● Engine type Water-cooled in-line 6-cylinder DOHC
● Total displacement 1988㏄
● Bore x stroke 75.0 x 75.0 mm
-Compression ratio 8.4: 1
● Maximum output 150ps / 6600rpm
● Maximum torque 18.0㎏-m / 5000rpm
● Solex carburetor 40PHH [Weber 45DCOE9] x 3
● Transmission type: 5 forwards, 1 reverse, all sync
Gear ratio 1st 3.143 / 2nd 1.636 / 3rd 1.179 / 4th 1.000 / 5th 0.844 / reverse 3.238
● Final reduction ratio 4.375
● Fuel tank capacity 60L
● Steering style rack and pinion
● Double wishbone coil independent suspension before and after suspension
● Disc before and after brake
● Magnesium [wire wheel] both before and after the wheel
● 165HR-15 before and after the tire
● 2,380,000 yen at the time of release
[] The specifications of the bond car

Nostalgic Hero vol.195 October 2019 issue [All the contents in the article are at the time of publication]
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