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Opera gaming browser “Opera GX”, early access of macOS version starts

Opera GX, a gaming web browser developed by Opera. Following the Windows version, the early access version for macOS has been released.

Opera GX, released in June this year, is a web browser designed specifically for gaming applications. From the control panel, the CPU, RAM and network bandwidth used by the browser can be set, and the browser is designed to operate stably without affecting the PC resources.

The browser has a built-in ad blocker and VPN, and also supports video pop-out display. To enhance the gaming experience, you can select a browser color from the color palette or use special sound effects.

It also integrates Twitch, a live distribution platform, presets shortcuts to community sites such as Discord and Reddit, and even integrated messenger that centrally manages Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and more.

With this launch, Opera is also releasing statistical data on PC gaming. According to it, macOS users account for 14% of PC gamers. Also, 49% of Windows / Mac PC gamers suffer from technical challenges, 30% of those troubles were network issues, 26% RAM issues, 14% CPU issues is.

Pay attention to how much Opera GX appeal for games that are rare in the browser industry can grab the hearts of gamers.

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