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OPPO unveils smartphone's "camera under display" technology-Engadget Japan edition

China OPPO unveiled a prototype of the “in-camera with display” at the technology introduction event “OPPO INNO DAY 2019” held on December 10th.

This technology prototype wasFirst publicThis time, it was shown in a form that was built into an actual smartphone prototype. A camera is built in the upper part of the organic EL display, and when the in-camera is activated, it takes a picture through the black display.

The camera is not completely invisible when the screen is displayed, and you can see the part with the built-in camera even from the front and observation. US Android Authority David Imel reporter points out that the built-in camera can be seen by tilting the terminal.

Engadget Chinese Editor-in-Chief Richard Lai, who is trying to SELPHY with this under-display camera, reports that the result was somewhat blurry. Although it may be sufficient as a prototype technology, there is still room for improvement.

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<p>Competitors other than OPPO are also competing with such under display camera technology, and immediately after OPPO first unveiled this technology in June this year, China Xiaomi also made a demonstration video of a smartphone equipped with this technology.<a href=Releasedoing. South Korea ’s Samsung will also launch its products in 2020.rumorthere is.

In recent smartphones, attempts such as notches, punch holes, and pop-up cameras have been incorporated to expand the display area even a little. In 2020, further innovation of under display camera is likely to arrive.

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