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*09:00JST opposition of a way to live【Record・column] “Sakura you see the problem”by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s support rate has declined,the ruling party from within 解散風 has begun to blow. The next General election, provided the opposition is joined to accelerate the movement of that background. However, if elections and a regime change is difficult and think.

Constitutional Democratic Party Edano Yukio representative of the National Democratic,社 民 both parties of leader, such as a confluence sounded,the opposition forces rally to seek. The next adjustment is in full swing, if the change of government, possible new political party launched May. Such moves by the LDP from Executive dissolution of the House of Representatives mention the possibility of, and opposition to the supervision. Domestic media poll,the Abe administration’s approval rating is reduced, next year 1 month of regular session at the beginning of the dissolution to take it.

In 2012, the Japanese Prime Minister has 12 months to No. 2 in the regime inaugurated a total of tenure is a constitutional government the longest, and even in 2021 9 months of LDP President term of office remains. However, the”cherry society”in the funds to conflict such as the problem is discovered, outnumbered, forced into one. The last time the 2017 General election, the opposition votes in the ruling party than the election and change of government, the possibility of Zero is not. The Liberal Democratic Party from 解散風 to that impatience is also felt.

However, the actual dissolution General election of the flow if the Constitutional Democratic Party was the core of the New Politics Alliance for Democracy party LDP・open seats on the regime, to retake it would be difficult. The number of political parties are mushrooming in Europe, such as politics, the voters are half-hearted policy of raising the existing political parties and novelty seeking tendency. In Japan, the consumption tax, the abolition of Appeals that”it is not the Shinsengumi”is applicable to it, with the anti-Abe,反野 the party’s support can be collected will be the focus of attention.

The opposition of the vagus, the former DPP is in 2017 at the time of the hope of the party and the confluence, trying to”eliminated”by the division beginning in. The Old Democrats are the ruling party was, despite the 1 degree election lost to them in the”DPP”to 党名 change. From the”wind”riding on the other party and the confluence of the Hosokawa regime from the age up to the two-party system of the other roles to throw or looked like. So consistency is the Abe administration stability”support”was evident.

This year the 7 on the upper house election, the consumption tax hike before the ahead of the national elections was, despite the turnout is 50%to interrupt you. Repeated tax hike not to offend the voters,”the cherry blossoms to see”eyes to see standing on? The opposition is seriously the regime recaptured given that they gave priority to having the views of its members reflected the supporters of the policy to sue not only the election, to abstain from 5000-6000 million voters a wide range must be included. However, at the moment this appeal is not felt.

So,the next elections even if Prime Minister Abe’s term of office extended only to cooperate but not. The opposition of the main 3 party by merging talks,”Democratic”revival plus”not done”in cooperation with the boom to make it,野合 criticism is spared would.

[吉池 Wei]

* They are also author’s personal view is,our view does not represent. 《SK》

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