Optimism is not there, push the eyes up the flow of consciousness and the Tokyo Stock opening comments

*08:32JST optimism is not there, push the eyes up the flow of consciousness and
6 days of the Japanese stock market U.S. stock cheap the flow of the receiving gap, and would. Then the last bottom level of this dress and the flow to it. 5 days in the US market the Dow is 969 dollars cheaper, and the cheaper it is 1100 the plunge and was.

California News Service, the Governor 4, and throughout the state declared a state of emergency to be triggered, such as in the United States, a new type of coronavirus infection expansion pace of acceleration is reported, the economy and corporate earnings and affect the normal performance of further concern is the spread. To that end, the Chicago Nikkei 225 futures liquidation value is Osaka compared to 580 yen for 20790 yen plummeted. The yen is 1 dollar 106 yen just level with the yen down trend.

California’s state of emergency Declaration activated the day before at the stage of the tell, there was a surprise or not, Dow is in a bumpy ride to continue under the circumstances, the weekend factors have a wait and see attitude is strong and will continue to do so. The Nikkei Stock Average is recently 20800-21500 yen processing of our range have remained at this level the lower level of offense and defense and deployment would.

Active participants is limited,thin trading in the futures-driven index trading swung to and the supply and demand situation and. Also, the decline aspect of the BOJ’s ETF purchases are conscious and for sale, completed after the bottom of the tightness I have to find where. Moreover, this gap in data, the gap up may level is high and, on the other hand,a gap down in phases,closing levels, highs tend to be. Optimism is not there, push the eyes up the flow of consciousness as possible.

Also, hedge funds VIX index futures the difference between the pulling position from the peak by half a degree or one to decrease the risk parity strategy, accompanied by the mechanical sale of shares is about to peak out is a possibility, and this volatility from the movement of the,get anything to eat years are abate good looking as you. The European system 225 futures to short positions were accumulated until today, the adjustment of the aspect further the pile up of,or buy-back to proceed as noted. 《AK》

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